Reiki is a system of energy healing developed in the 1920’s by Dr Mikao Usui. During a session hands are gently placed on or over the body and the therapist acts as a channel for the energy and you may feel a mild tingling, warmth or coolness or a general sense of relaxation.

Reiki and Animals the Saranya Way

Irene was attuned to Usui/Tibetan Reiki by Poppy Skye Brytewood in a way which bought forth and enhanced her heart centred approach to healing and natural connection to animals.

As an intuitive empath Irene often ‘feels’ where there is an energetic imbalance in the animal or the humans animal guardian. She is then able to work with the reiki energy to rebalance the ‘chi’.

Irene doesn’t work in a conventional way and the healing hand placements do not follow a predefined pattern found in textbooks but follows the energy flow. She believes that, as in Zoopharmacognosy the animal should be free to move away, position themselves and take time out to process during the session.

Reiki Attunements

Irene is qualified and able to offer attunements to Reiki.

Shoden: Reiki First Degree

Following this attunement and workshop the student will be able to continue the practices on themselves and their human or animal loved ones.

Okuden: Reiki Second Degree

This workshop is for those who seek to enhance their skills. This will introduce distance healing, the use of the Reiki Symbols and if the student do wishes to be a Reiki Practitioner.

Shinpiden: Reiki Master Teacher

It is an amazing gift to be able to attune students as it is through this that the Reiki Tradition continues. This workshop will introduce further Symbols to the Student and how to attune others.

Everyone’s Reiki journey and experience is unique and at different paces. Irene’s attunements are either conducted on a 1-2-1 basis or in very small groups to ensure a personalised experience.