What is Zoopharmacognosy?

All animals have an innate ability to recognise what is needed to restore and maintain balance within their bodies.

Animals within their native and natural environment will forage for botanics and mineral compounds needed to help with their emotional and physical wellbeing. It is not as easy for those animals that we have bought into our homes and taken guardianship of to do this.

Zoopharmacognosy is a process whereby we offer animals plant and mineral remedies to allow them to self select and to control the amount and method of administration. Freedom for the animal to choose is a fundamental principle of Zoopharmacognosy.

It can promote healthy..

  • immune response
  • inflammatory responses
  • hormonal responses
  • cell regeneration processes
  • digestive system
  • skin and coat
  • emotional and behavioural reactions
  • human-animal bond.

Please note

  • a consultation is not about nutrition and remedies must never be added to food
  • a Veterinary Practitioner should be consulted where appropriate and consent should be obtained from a vet before the session

How do I say this is simply amazing and I was totally wowed?!!……………………….TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

Irene Dale – Saranya Animal Therapy Zoopharmacognsy

I can thoroughly recommend Irene Dale and her Zoopharamcognsy sessions to anyone who feels they might have a need of her services.

Irene has been doing Zoophramacognsy sessions with our two Shetland ponies, Chloe aged 29 and Romeo aged 8, for the past few weeks. The difference in both of them is visible for everyone to see. Chloe is bouncy and now nicknamed ‘Flexi Lexi’ and Romeo is calmer, happier, more settled and more interested in interacting with me.

What can I tell you about the sessions? Let me give you a little background. My first thoughts were Chloe probably would not show any interest, let alone interact. She’s been very within herself over the past year since we lost her long-term friend and field companion last May. Shortly after that she was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, then developed an itch that has been driving her mad. Romeo came to fill the equine gap but he didn’t settle.

I have to say I was apprehensive about having a Zoopharmacognsy session with Irene. I had no idea what to expect. I was convinced Chloe would walk away and refuse to take part, and I was really worried how Romeo would behave. I had visions of him trashing everything in front of him and ruining everything Irene brought with her. Irene assured me right from the first session everything would be fine, I had no need to worry, plus it is the pony who sets the pace.

She was right! I can tell you my worst fears have never happened. From the very first session I was amazed at how interested in everything Irene offered them they both were. I can also tell you this isn’t a fast process so be prepared to spend some time because each pony did indeed set their own pace.

Irene creates a calm, grounding energy the ponies appreciate and they do set their own pace. I was amazed how interactive and selective they both were when Irene offered them many choices. Between them, in one session, they ate Irene’s stock of German Chamomile Flowers. Both were suffering from sticky eyes I couldn’t get to clear up even with regular bathing. Within 24 hours I could see a massive improvement.

Irene explained everything she was offering to each pony, what it was and, when they accepted it, why that was, all the while in a calm, relaxed way both ponies responded to really well. She has an in-depth knowledge of herbs, oils, and essential oils and brings a big selection of these with her along with flower waters, and is happy to share her knowledge of the the benefits they bring.

Today both ponies are bright eyed and happy. Chloe is no longer itching and Romeo is happier and more settled and I believe this is due to the sessions they have been having with Irene.

Gloria F